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Welcome to our magic shop! We offer magic tricks that's perfect for gift ideas, magic lessons, or loot bags. Most tricks are easy to do and great for beginners and come with either printed or video link instructions.


The Magic Coloring Book

A book is shown to have pictures but with magic, the pictures become colored. Then everything disappears off the pages. Amazing!


The Magic Tube

This small tube allows the magician to make anything appear/disappear or even change an item into another.


Magic Calculator Cards 

anyone thinks of a number, the magician can figure out exactly what number is being thought of using these cards. Amazing mind reading!


Ball and Vase

The performer is able to make a red ball mysteriously disappear and reappear in this vase.

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Vanishing Silk


Magician can make a small red silk appear and disappear anytime from their hands, even with short sleeves.


The 2 Card Monte


Two cards are shown. One is faced up, and one faced down. The performer is able to make the two separate cards switch places.


Cut and Restored Rope

A rope can be cut and restored in this box. The rope can even be given for examination.


Marked Cards

With this special marked deck, the magician can always tell what the card value is from the back yet the audience will never know how.


Magic Container

With this clever box you can make items appear or disappear at will. Easy to do and many possibilities


Magnetic Ring

This clever magnetic ring can do many things. Secretly make a coin vanish from your hand, make a coin or spoon move on its own. 


Spiked Coin

A coin in placed inside the round capsule. Magician then places 8 spikes thru the capsule as if it melts thru the coin.


Sponge Balls

These are the popular sponge balls amongst magicians around the world. Make them appear or disappear.


Beginners Kit

This magic kit is our best seller for children starting magic for the first time. Easy to learn!


Melissa and Doug Kit

We are proud to offer this well made magic kit for kids. Great for beginners and children ages 5 and up


Pro Kit with DVD

This magic kit comes complete with amazing professional tricks and DVD instructions. A must for the serious student

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