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Marked Cards

Be able to perform advance magical effects and mind reading with this special gimmicked deck of cards


Money Printer

Make regular paper print into real money with this easy to do magic money printer


Pen Thru Bill

A pen is pushed through any bill only to be removed with no harm done to the bill. The pen is completely examinable


Tricky Ropes

Three different sized ropes all magically become the same size.  All ropes can be examined before and after


Mystery Frame

What appears to be a solid glass frame, only the magician can magically make object penetrate through (Plastic)


Cups and Balls

Make 3 balls penetrate through three solid cups. Everything is examinable


Coin Mystery

Be able to pierce 3 coins with this magic prop. The coins can be borrowed and given back in perfect condition after the trick


Wonder Rings

Four separate 4"solid steel rings magically link and unlink at the magicians command


Magic Lesson kits

Magic kits for our magic lessons. Upgrade your kids lessons with these advanced props. Sold individually. 


Magic Drawer

Make any small item that can fit inside the magic drawer appear and disappear


Whoopee cushion

Inflate this rubber bag and let someone sit on it, it will make the funniest sound.


Lucky Dice

These gimmicked dice will allow you to roll a 7 or 11 all the time.  Comes with a regular matching set of dice


Beginners Kit

This magic kit is our best seller for children starting magic for the first time. Easy to learn!


Melissa and Doug Kit

We are proud to offer this well made magic kit for kids. Great for beginners and children ages 5 and up


Pro Kit with DVD

This magic kit comes complete with amazing professional tricks and DVD instructions. A must for the serious student


Magic and ESP Kit

The Amazing magic kit comes complete with an assortment of tricks and magic wand. Ideal for ages 7 and up


Young Beginners Kit

Fantasma's 150+ magic kit. Comes with toy rabbit, wand, hat and an instructional video download. Great for all ages

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Vanishing Silk Scarf

This gimmick makes a red silk vanish or appear from your hands.  You can also use any item small enough that will fit inside the gimmick.