"Magic is a self taught art that can be very challenging. Many beginners and younger individuals can feel quite overwhelmed when learning magic. Having a mentor through the journey has got to be one of the greatest things I ever had. Without my mentor's tutelage, I would have not come as far as I have today!"



Fun Educational Magic Programs for children of all ages.

Highly interactive and fun educational magic workshops. Promoting self esteem and positive attitudes while developing valuable presentational skills.

The Wizards Workshops offer simple to learn magic tricks that

are easily accomplished. All curriculums are comprehensive and based on everyday objects that can be found around the house or in a classroom. A perfect introductory to the art of magic.

                GROUP MAGIC LESSONS

At your school, classroom, before or after school programs, or at your home, we can provide group magic lessons with a one time visit, or multiple session visit package.

            Private sessions (one-on-one)

We offer pay as you go or set packages for the serious student looking for more personal attention to details. Students are instructed how to perform magic with cards, coins, and special props that the student will require in order to advance their training. We also coach presentation skills including speech command, stage presence, and practice tips to overcome anxiety and stage fright

(Certain locations may be subject to an increase fee for travel time purposes) For more information please contact us.

Magic Lessons